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You just want to have fun! Yes, you love baseball or softball and you love to win. You may dream of being a Major League Baseball player and playing for your favorite MLB team. Whether your goal is to develop into a highly competitive athlete or you just love to play the game, baseball and softball can be hard work. It can be emotionally challenging at times. The key to successful development is continuing to have fun while you play.

For youth players, the main goal should not be winning the trophy. Your focus should be on getting the practice and playing time necessary to develop your game. Putting the proper focus on development instead of winning will lead to success later in life, both on and off of the field.

Navigating the travel baseball and softball waters as a player can be daunting and discouraging. Being rejected by a team during tryouts or having your team disband because other players decide to move to another team can cause significant stress for a young person and can create the feeling of being left behind. Our goal is to offer a playing environment without the instability of most other travel teams and clubs.